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Automotive Windshield Decal Installation near Iowa City IA: Are you looking for the BestAutomotive Windshield Decal Installation Service near Iowa City IA ? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, we believe that it’s vital to stay on top of current trends in the vehicle wraps business. That’s why we’re constantly learning, evolving, and creating better ways to serve our customers. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Automotive Windshield Decal Installation Service around Iowa City IA. We serve Iowa City IAand other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Welcome to Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City Professional Vehicle Wrap Installation Services

Automotive Windshield Decal Installation near Iowa City IA:

Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City is a Iowa City IA company that specializes in large and small format vinyl graphic removal and installation. We can install full or partial wraps on cars, trucks, buses, trailers, trains, floors, walls, windows, and more!

Our customers benefit from our high-quality, cost-effective work delivered on time and on budget.

We’ve been in the business for over a decade, and have had the privilege of working with more than 50 different graphic printing companies located all over the Iowa City IA. We attribute our success to excellent customer service and a passionate approach to our work.

At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, we believe that it’s vital to stay on top of current trends in the vehicle wraps business. That’s why we’re constantly learning, evolving, and creating better ways to serve our customers. So, whatever your project, give us a call. If you want to save time and cut down on hassle, we’ll even come to you and install your vehicle wraps or decals on site.

Services Overview

  • Professional decal installation
  • Professional decal removal services
  • Bus wraps
  • Car wraps
  • Fleets re-branding
  • Truck graphics
  • Trailers
  • Vans
  • Paint less color change on Cars using self-adhesivevinyl’s
  • Canopies
  • Window graphics installation
  • Nationwide service
  • Professional decal installation
  • Professional decal removal
  • Car and Van wraps
  • Truck wraps
  • Fleets re-branding
  • Vinyl installation on trailers
  • Scotch Gard paint protection film
  • 3M carbon fiber
  • Black matte installation
  • Paint less color change
  • Nationwide service, free estimates
  • Retail graphics Installation

Clean the surface before installing car decals

Educate customers on applying car decals. They should first clean the area where they want to apply the decal. If you apply the decal or sticker on a dirty surface, it will pick that dirt and grime up. So make sure the area is clean where you want to put your sticker or decal.

You can use soap or rubbing alcohol and water to clean the area. Glass cleaning products should not be used because many will leave a residue behind and will prevent the decal from adhering.

Decide on the location for the car decal

Before installation of car decals, customers should be certain about the location. Various options include the bumper, windows and other interior and exterior surfaces to give a stunning look to your customers’ car. Tires are another place to put decals which make the car look more attractive. To add a more personal touch and to give a modern look to your customers’ cars, install new tires and top them off with personalized decals.

When you have an idea about the area, stick it to the car with electrical tape so you can step back and see how it looks. You can move the position if you do not like it. Once you have an exact place, you can install the decal.

Peel the backing film away from the decal carefully

Peel the paper backing off the sticker. During this process, make sure not to touch the back of the decal because it could leave the dirt on your decal’s backside.

Position the graphic precisely

Place one side of the decal down and smooth it out to the other side until the decal is fully placed. It is important to remember not to remove the backing fully. Remove one-third of the backing and start to apply one-third of the decal to the area. Then slowly pull more of the backing until you have fully installed the decal.

What are Car Decals?

Car decals (also referred to as car stickers or car graphics) are images, graphics, or lettering printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl material and then placed on any type of vehicle. Car decals include car & truck lettering, clear vinyl decals, opaque vinyl decals, perforated decals, and high adhesive decals. They are mainly used to advertise business names, logos, products, and contact information. They may also be used to show off your favorite logo, team, band, etc.

Common Uses: For outdoor use on windows, doors, fronts, or backs of any vehicle. This includes cars (automobiles), trucks, commercial vans, tractors, race cars, buses, jeeps, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, off-road vehicles, RVs, and any other vehicle.

Installation: All of our vehicle decals are very easy to install. You can find step-by-step installation instructions for each product on its respective product page. Select Learn More on one of the products listed above to see the product-specific installation instructions.

Care: Regularly wash your vehicle decal with a damp, non-abrasive rag. This will remove dirt and grime from the decal and help maintain its quality and lifespan. Avoid using power washers or high-power car washes. All decals are safe to use on areas of a window with windshield wipers.

How To Install Windshield Banner

Automotive Windshield Decal Installation near Iowa City IA:

1.) Prep the car for install

First thing you will want to do is prepare the glass for install. Clean the windshield of all debris to be sure nothing ends up getting stuck under the vinyl material. Using a glass cleaner and your microfiber towel, thoroughly clean any dirt or dust from the windshield. Even the smallest speck of dust will show through the vinyl and look some-what like an air bubble.

2.) Find the center point

Before you place the material on the car you will want to find the center point of your windshield. For most vehicles the rear view mirror is placed in the center point of the windshield, but every vehicle is different. First measure the placement of the factory markings just to be sure they are in fact the center. Place your logo decal (with backing still on) on the window to decide how low you’d like the logo to be placed. In this example I chose to place the banner at the AS1 line printed on the glass. Depending on the size of the window and personal preference you may want more or less banner showing than what’s in this example. Some vehicles will have small lines and arrows printed on the glass showing where window tint or banners should not exceed on the windshield. For this 2007 350z it was 6.75 inches from the top seal. That’s about how deep I’d like the banner to go down the windshield.

Find the center and the drop distance and mark it with tape in a perpendicular shape so you have a horizontal and vertical line of reference.

Take a second to study the seal of the window, picturing where you will place the blade before you lay material over it and can no longer see the seal itself.

3.) Measure Twice Cut Once

Next, you will want to go ahead and lay the banner (with paper backing still applied) on the windshield to start eyeing up the position of the banner. Do your best to have the same amount of excess material on both sides. It does not have to be perfect as these banners are meant to be a one size fits most so you should have plenty of excess material protruding past the window seals on both sides.

Once the measurements match up on both sides, use some tape to fully secure the banner in place to ensure the wind or any other disturbance doesn’t affect the placement.

4.) Place Half of the Banner on the Glass

Your banner should have a precut line on the back of the backing paper. If you see a slight indentation on the banner itself from the pre-cut line you will not see this line once the banner is applied and have time to settle on the glass. With one half of your banner fully secured, lift the other side off of the windshield and remove the paper backing. Slowly peel the paper back ensuring that the vinyl material does not fold over on itself, if it does slowly peel the material apart from itself.

Once the paper has been removed start laying the banner down from center point making your way to the edge of the glass. Along the way use a squeegee (wrapped in a microfiber towel) to maintain a straight vertical line while moving horizontally towards the edge of the glass.

Take your time with this portion, patience is key. This material is surprisingly forgiving so if you start to see a major crease forming simply lift the material off the glass and re-squeegee that portion until the even vertical line is retained. Many of the air bubbles will squeeze out as you make more passes across the glass. This material has tiny air holes throughout so as long as the crease is not folded over itself the air bubbles will squeeze out.

Move the squeegee in a vertical direction once the banner is laid across the window, pushing towards the top seal and bottom of the banner creating as tight of a seal of the material to the window seal as possible. This will make cutting the excess off much easier later. Make your way towards the corner of the windshield and do your best to push as much air out at the corners.

5.) Repeat on the Opposite side

This side will be slightly easier as the banner is less likely to move since the line has already been established by the first half. Start from the center again and make your way towards the side of the windshield, maintaining a vertical line along the way.

Once both sides are laid down look at the banner from all angles to ensure all of the air bubbles have been pressed out. if you come across one that you can’t seem to get out don’t be afraid to lift the material back off the glass and re-squeegee from that point. Depending on the color ordered the material may be slightly thinner and more susceptible to stretching which will alter the line established by the placement of the first half. Be careful not to pull on the material too much.

Run the squeegee around the entire perimeter of the banner to ensure a tight fit up against the window seal.

6.) Remove the Excess Material

Razor blades will not cut or scratch glass so you will be able to run the blade directly on the glass to remove excess material. You want to find out where your seal meets the glass and do your best to either run the blade slightly under the seal or lightly press against the glass where the seal meets ensuring your aren’t damaging the seal of your window. Typically a faster more steady cut leads to a smother, less jagged line. Moving too slowly may lead to a more rough cut line.

Depending on the vehicle you may have a more defined seal or window line, some windows even have a small gutter between the glass and seal that makes running the blade against the glass even easier.

7.) Place the Logo Decal on the Banner

The final step is to place the included logo decal on the banner. You should have received two logo decals in your order so you have a backup if you misplace the first one or you have the option to layer them or even try one logo out and swap it out for another.

The placement of the sticker is very similar to the banner.

Use the center tape left on your windshield to center the logo on the banner. Tape the logo in place and take a few measurements of the decal to ensure it’s centered.

Fold the logo back just like you did the banner and remove the paper backing off of one half, taking the transfer tape and colored decal with you. If the logo wont come off of the paper backing with the transfer tape, lay the logo back onto the paper and re-squeegee the logo and transfer tape. Apply pressure to ensure the tape has bonded to the logo material. Squeegee from the center towards the edge of the window. Remove as many air bubbles from the transfer tape as possible. Repeat for the other side.

Once the transfer tape is removed remove any leftover painters tape and take a step back to make sure you are happy with your logo choice and placement, if you aren’t trying again with the second one in your shipment 🙂

Need help applying your new large window sticker? Don’t worry we have step by step instructions on how to help you get perfect fit!

We also offer application tools at a low price to help remove any air bubbles while protecting the quality of your sicker.

If you need help applying any other types of stickers we also have guides for Small Stickers or Decals, Large Transfer Stickers, Large Die-Cut Stickers, Transfer Sticker Preparation and Family Stickers. We are also available through live chat


Automotive Windshield Decal Installation near Iowa City IA: Have you ever turned a perfectly attractive sticker into a twisted clump or a wrinkled eyesore? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you apply your stickers with ease every time!

Start With A Clean Surface

Pre-wash the area where you’ll be applying the sticker using either soap and water or a mixture of rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) and water—we recommend a 50 / 50 water / alcohol solution. After cleaning with soapy water, rinse thoroughly with water until no soap or residue remains. Do not use window-cleaning products. They may leave a residue behind, making your sticker cling less effectively.

Apply When Temperatures Are Moderate

For the best results, install your stickers in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. When possible, you should apply stickers when the temperature is above 50F and below 90F.

Use Masking Tape

Masking tape can help ensure that your sticker is positioned exactly where you want it. Leaving the white backing paper in place and facing the surface you’re applying it to, position the sticker where you want it to go. Place a piece of masking tape along the top edge of the sticker—this fixes it in the proper location. Then, lift the sticker as if it’s on a hinge, and peel off the backing paper. While holding onto the bottom edge, slowly lower the sticker, using the thumb of your other hand to press from the center out and gradually working your way from top to bottom.

Use The Wet Method

You can apply most smaller decals without using water, but for large and very large stickers, this trick is a life-saver. After cleaning your surface area, wet the area again using a spray bottle and a solution of about 5% soap / 95% water. Apply the sticker while the area is still wet. This will keep it from adhering immediately and give you time to reposition if necessary. It also enables you to remove any bubbles using a squeegee or a plastic card. The soapy water will dry in a few minutes and leave your sticker firmly affixed.

Tend To The Transfer Tape

Many of our stickers come with three layers:

1) transfer tape, the clear top layer that clings to the non-adhesive side of the sticker and holds the sticker together;

2) the sticker, the middle layer;

3) backing paper, the bottom layer of white paper that clings to the adhesive side of the sticker.

Before applying these types of stickers, it’s important to make sure the sticker and transfer tape are pressed firmly together. To do so, apply pressure evenly across the transfer tape with a squeegee or a plastic card. This will ensure that the sticker doesn’t come up with the backing paper during installation.

Also, once you’ve applied your sticker, be sure to leave the transfer tape in place for at least 3 hours and up to 24 hours before gently removing it. Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, In very cold winter months, you may need to leave the transfer tape on even longer. To speed up the process when it’s cold out, you can warm the application surface using a blow dryer on low heat.


How much does it cost to get decals on a car?

Automotive Windshield Decal Installation near Iowa City IA: What Vehicle Decals Cost. A simple car decal option which includes a company logo, website and phone number can range from $200 to $400 depending on the size of the decals. More complex decal graphics can cost $500+ as seen in the image to the right.


What’s included with Automotive Decal Application?

  • Thorough cleaning of area
  • Installing one customer-supplied automotive decal
  • Removing air bubbles from underneath decal

Why should I hire a pro to apply my automotive decals?

Allowing a professional to apply your decals for you saves you time, and frees you from the hassle of interpreting unclear application instructions or keeping track of stray parts and hardware. A pro will have the right tools and experience to do the application quickly, correctly, and safely the first time.

Can I put a decal on my windshield?

Stickers can be placed on the windshield if the stickers are 4 square inches or less and placed on the bottom of the passenger’s side of the windshield.

Are cars the only things I can apply the stickers to?

Absolutely not! You can apply our stickers to any smooth surface. Some great places are: cars, trucks, boats, r.v.’s, motorcycles, skateboards, bicycles, helmets, laptops and much more!

How long does it take to get the stickers?

All of our stickers are custom made, so most orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days. Production time for bulk orders is based on the quantity ordered. If you live outside the Iowa City IA please allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery, depending on customs and your chosen shipping method.

Can I peel the sticker off and use it again?

No, once you’ve applied the sticker you cannot use it again. Once the sticker is removed you will have to throw it away.

What Is A Decal or Sticker?

It is a common misconception that decals are for your car and stickers are for everything else. Actually, there is no difference between a sticker and a decal! Whether you call them stickers or decals depends on where you’re from. Many people on the east coast prefer decals, while the west coast calls them stickers. Another reason for confusion could be the difference between transfer stickers and printed stickers.

Here are some examples of transfer and printed stickers, and the differences between them:

  1. Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers and decals are cut out of a solid color vinyl roll with a plotter and have no background.

Transfer stickers come with three essential parts. There is the paper backing, the decal and then transfer tape. The transfer tape adheres to all the pieces of your sticker or decal no matter how small they are so you can apply it as one piece. The decals below are shown in red, green, black and pink. We offer 40 colors of vinyl to choose from!

  1. Printed Stickers

Printed Decals and stickers are made using a high-resolution digital printer and ecofriendly, non-toxic solvent inks. The inks are applied using a heating technology which allows them to adhere to the vinyl and last for years. Printed decals can have an endless amount of colors and are perfect for multicolored designs and photographs.

These stickers can be cut out in any variety of sizes and shapes to meet any personal or business need.


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