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Car Audio Jack Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Are you looking for the Best Car Audio Jack Installation Service near Iowa City IA ? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, have been supplying their Car Audio Installation for the last few years and have left thousands of customers happy and satisfied with the results. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Car Audio Jack Installation Service around Iowa City IA. We serve Iowa City IA and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Car Audio Jack Installation Services

Car Audio Jack Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City is providing unmatched installation services to all its customers. Whatever you need to get installed in your vehicle we have the right people to do it professionally. Our experts are ready to advise you for the best solution possible for your vehicle. Get an additional discount on all your purchases you want to get fitted.

What We Fit

  • Car Stereos
  • Bluetooth Stereos
  • DAB Digital Radio
  • iPod/iPhone/Android Media Receivers
  • DVD Multimedia Receivers
  • DVD SAT/NAV Multimedia Receivers
  • Digital Media Receivers
  • Motorized Multimedia Screens
  • Headrest Screens
  • Roof Mount Screens
  • Car Alarms
  • Immobilisers
  • Tracker
  • Parking Reversing Sensors
  • Reversing Cameras
  • Number Plate Cameras
  • Speed Camera Detectors
  • Portable Navigations
  • Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Car kits
  • Dash Mount Accident Cameras Recorders
  • Amplifiers
  • Speaker System
  • Subwoofers and Bass Boxes
  • Underseat / Compact Bass Boxes
  • OEM iPod/iPhone USB Adaptors for Old car stereos and radios
  • OEM DAB Radio Upgrade kits for older car stereos and radios
  • OEM Bluetooth Upgrade kits for older car stereos and radios

Why should you choose Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City for our Car Audio Jack Installation?

Car Audio Jack Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City have been supplying their Car Audio Installation for the last few years and have left thousands of customers happy and satisfied with the results. For each and every job our skilled and qualified team work with the ethos of completing the project to the highest standard, with organization and careful planning. We use the latest technology to ensure each instalment is fitted precisely and accurately to produce the best car audio. Our team will work you through all of our product line to ensure you have the right audio system for your car.

  • Suited For All Budgets

We can always help you find the right Car Audio Systems as we have an extensive range of products available to all customers, no matter how big or small the budget.

  • Professional Installers

All our employees are regularly trained in installing all the latest Car Audio Systems within all types of vehicles. This gives our customers peace of mind as they know their car is in safe hands.

  • Years Of Experience

We have been operating for over 25 years and are leading specialists in Car Audio Systems in the South-East.

  • Trusted By Thousands

Due to our longevity within the industry, we have managed to build a fantastic reputation and have many loyal and satisfied customers when it comes to installing Car Audio Systems.

found on music players, computers and most other electronic devices with audio outputs.

It can support stereo and/or microphone, depending on the number of separate connector rings on the jack. Some phones offer only a 2.5 mm jack, which is a smaller variety of the same principle. Headphones supplied with mobile phones usually have a mic somewhere along the cable and a remote button that allows for managing calls without using the phone. Some manufacturers opt for placing a 3.5mm audio jack on this remote control instead of directly on the phone itself. The reason for this is that 3.5mm jacks take up quite a lot of internal space; plus, in this way the user gets to keep the remote control/mic functionality while using third-party headphones.

Contact Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City today for more information on our Car Audio jack Installation.

For more information on our services, please call our customer services team as they would be happy to help with any queries you might have. Alternatively, you can request a FREE call back, FREE brochure or FREE quote online.


Car Audio Jack Installation Service near Iowa City IA:

  • Set up a smart system (don’t use twelve 15-inch subwoofers and a pair of tweeters)
  • Proper system settings (don’t set input sensitivity by ear. Use the proper starting points on crossovers).
  • Actually listen to the system. Use a test disc that has tracks to identify left and right channels, and phase tracks at various bands (low frequency, mid frequency and high frequency as well as full range).
  • Try changing the polarity of one side of the vehicle (I always change the right speaker just to be consistent.) and listen to it again. If it is better, leave it.  If not, put it back and move on.  Do this with the subwoofer too.
  • Listen to the system again. This time use music you know pretty well. Find tracks that challenge transition areas (the area where you are crossing over from one speaker, like the sub, to another, like the door speakers.
  • JL Audio Listen with and without the subwoofer connected.
  • Listen to see if the door speaker can play loud and clear without bottoming out. Try a lower crossover point and listen again. Go as low as you can without issue and then go up a click or two for good measure.
  • Then bring in the sub. Blend it in so that it is not overpowering the door speaker. Try raising and lowering the crossover point to see how it changes the sound.  If you can change the crossover slope (IE: From 12 dB to 24dB) you might need to go back and do the phase test mentioned earlier since the slope of the crossover will change the phase as well.
  • head with music Listen to the system again. Use music you know pretty well again and this time just listen.  The trick here is that you should know what it is supposed to sound like…Go to some concerts and consider some diversity in music. A lot of bars have live music which can be good or bad.  But when it is bad, at least you know it is bad.  When you go back to tune a vehicle (or a room), don’t make it sound bad!  Listen at all levels.  Low, mid and high volumes.  Make sure that at high volumes, the system does not get screechy.  It should play loud and clean and effortlessly.
  • If the system sounds strained, it will most likely have issues. Those issues can show up in a few ways, one is failures (blown speakers or amplifiers shutting off) and the other is listener fatigue.  If your customer is reaching for the volume to turn it down because it is too harsh, they are not going to enjoy their system.  If they are reaching to turn it up, you’ve done well…that means that they love the sound and they want even more.
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes to your settings to see how they sound. This is how you will gauge if you have dialed everything in right.  Just be careful about playing things too loud until you have verified the capabilities of the system.
  • Finally, explain to your customer what you have done and why. Listen to the system with the customer using their music.  See what they think.  Stay engaged with them while they tell you what they like and what they dislike (if anything).  Since you have intimate knowledge of the capabilities of the system you will know how to address their concerns should they have any.


Car Audio Jack Installation Service near Iowa City IA: One thing is that parts will need to be bought and some work will be done on the car. The panel cover will need to be removed in order to access the XM module and the back of the facial or panel. You will need to buy an aux jack, wires, soldering gun/ iron, solder wire, and much more. But who is going to do the job? If you are competent and confident in your skills, you can do it yourself. This will save you the labor cost as well as time. All you need to worry about purchasing the parts.

However, if you take it to a repair shop, then be prepared to spend some money. In fact, you will be surprised that labor might cost more than the parts. Buying the parts yourself is usually cheaper. However, some shops always insist that they buy the accessories themselves, of course, to make a margin from it. The cost of labor may range from $50-100 depending on the installer and the region.

Before settling for any specific service provider, it pays to look around and compare prices. Always deal with a competent and reputable company.


If I install a new Audio jack, can I still use my steering wheel controls?

You sure can if you install a special adapter. And when you buy any stereo from us, you’ll get a deep discount on the steering wheel control adapter for your car. See our article about Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapters for more information.

I can’t see the display when the sun shines on it. Are there displays that are easier to read in direct sunlight?

We’ve found that displays that let you tilt the face, often found on DVD and navigation receivers, are the best solution. These receivers also give you large touchscreens, let you play movies while you’re parked, and give you a slew of other fantastic features. If your receiver can do it, try changing the color of the display or adjusting the brightness and contrast to help cut through the glare. To see these suggestions in action, watch our video about avoiding glare on the display. 

Can I use Bluetooth to stream music and make phone calls?

Absolutely! And you can often do even more, like running and controlling Internet apps. Basically, a Bluetooth connection works as a bridge between your phone and your dash. Even if your receiver doesn’t offer control over apps, you can stream the audio from your phone and play it in your car. Our video about Bluetooth in the car will give you all the details.

Can my factory speakers handle a high-powered CD receiver?

Your factory speakers should be able to handle the output from an aftermarket CD receiver, but there are limits to their performance. Turn up your new radio with the car sitting still, make a note of the volume level at which your factory speakers start to distort, and avoid cranking the radio up past that point.

How much power does my factory system have?

While we don’t have exact power ratings for the systems in specific vehicles, we can tell you that factory systems usually have less power than aftermarket units.

How much power do I need to get optimum performance from my car’s sound system?

Since every car stereo is different, there’s no magic wattage formula. As long as you stay within the recommended power range of your speakers, increasing power will always add richness and depth to your music. Compare a spinet piano to a concert grand. The small piano is good enough to play music clearly, but move up to a grand and you’ll gain better tone, greater harmonic detail, and more volume. The larger instrument is simply more powerful.

How can I be sure the radio I want will fit into my dash?

You can count on Auto Sounds to have stereo fit information for just about every car, truck and van on the road today. Our Vehicle Research team has gathered data on thousands of vehicles, and your car or truck is probably one of them.


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