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Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Are you looking for the Best Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA ? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, A vehicle’s bumper is a protective part of the automobile that is mounted to both the front and rear ends of the car. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Bumper Installation Service around Iowa City IA. We serve Iowa City IA and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



How to install your bumper system

Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA: If you’ve recently become the new owner of a rear bumper system, you may not know how all of the different pieces fit together to mount to your chassis. Whether it’s KG, they all typically have similar pieces. OTK is essentially the same process, but will differ slightly with their parts.

  • You’ll begin by installing the two mounting posts to your chassis . The key to securing the two mounting posts to your chassis starts with installation outside of the chassis. In your hands, drop your smaller washer into what will become the outside of the mounting post, drop the larger washer into what will become the inside. Now drop your 10mm bolt through the two washers and mounting post beforehand tightening the rubber (with threading on the inside) to your bolt. You should have one sold piece now that you”ll mount to your chassis.
  • To finish installing your mounting posts to your chassis, grab a 17mm wrench or socket on an impact and tighten the piece to your chassis tube .Nice and tight will do, you don’t have to set any world records for strength. You’ll do this for both sides, left and right, before we head into the next segment.
  • The next piece to install is what you’ll eventually mount your rear bumper to, it’s the rear bumper support . Supplied typically with a short 8mm bolt, washer, and nut, you’ll fasten your support to your post solidly. After successfully mounting both your right and left supports solidly to your posts, we’ll move on to the next segment, mounting the bumper.
  • You’ll notice on the bumper a pair of elongated mounting holes. Line those holes up with your support holes and press the bumper to your supports. Now it’s time to grab your hardware, which should typically be an 8mm bolt with washer and nut, and tighten your bumper to your supports . Again, you don’t need to show off your strength, but make sure it’s nice and solid; you don’t want the bumper to move side to side. Your entire system should be nice and tight at this point. However, it is common to see the support loose on the post. You can loosen the support by taking a couple of turns out, but still keeping the bolt within the nylon of the nut so that it doesn’t vibrate out while on track. This will free up the rear end and allow it to flex more in certain conditions.

What is a Bumper?

Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA: A vehicle’s bumper is a protective part of the automobile that is mounted to both the front and rear ends of the car. Typically crafted from aluminum, plastic, rubber, or steel, the bumper acts as a shock absorber during low-speed collisions. It also aids in reducing more significant damages made to your vehicle. While some types of bumpers are made from foam that acts as a kind of cushion, others have energy absorbers or brackets that serve the same purpose.

Do Bumper Guards Really Work?

  • Collisions happen even if you’re a careful driver. If your car is rear-ended or damaged in a parking lot, the other person can drive away without much risk. To prevent damages that may not be covered by car insurance, many people use bumper guards to protect their vehicles.
  • Bumper guards are vertical bars or foam pads that can be placed on either the back or front of your car. They’re usually easy to install and remove, but are they worth it? Let’s look at the pros and cons of utilizing a bumper guard.

They protect your vehicle

Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA: If you have to park in a crowded street or in a cramped garage, there’s always the possibility that someone may hit the back of your car. You could also end up damaging your vehicle yourself if you don’t have enough room to back out of a parking space. A foam guard will give you a little cushion to absorb damage. It can also protect the front end of your vehicle by minor damage caused by fender benders.

3 Benefits of Installing a Heavy-Duty Bumper on Your Vehicle

If you need to select a bumper for your commercial truck or pickup, you may want to consider the benefits of a heavy-duty model. Heavy-duty bumpers outperform lightweight models in several categories including collision protection, longevity, and durability. To learn more about the benefits of a weightier model, look over this convenient guide.

Why Choose a Bumper?

  1. Collision Protection

You will find large, robust bumpers on vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, and commercial vehicles for a reason. A bumper’s most important duty lies in collision protection. Thus, bigger, more resilient ones will always offer greater performance in this arena. Heavy-duty bumpers absorb impact better than thinner models, thereby keeping the truck and individuals inside safe from harm.

  1. Longevity

heavy-duty bumper Heavy-duty bumpers are often constructed from high-quality steel, which is built to endure for decades. While less robust models may suffer wear and tear over the years and eventually need replacement, a heavy-duty bumper will continue to serve your needs. Off-roaders who demand rugged features that will hold up in the face of mud, rocks, and debris will also greatly benefit from a sturdier bumper. If you want a lasting investment, opt for the durability heavy-duty models offer.

  1. Economic Savings

While heavy-duty bumpers may cost more initially, they offer significant economic savings over lightweight models in the long run. Since heavy-duty bumpers very rarely need replacement, you won’t have to worry about additional expenditures as the years pass. Furthermore, these bumpers protect against serious and costly vehicular damage.


Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA: This is one of the less complex mechanical jobs that you can perform on your car, and it can be attempted by even those with the most basic of technical knowledge. All you need to complete this task is a spanner set, a socket and ratchet set, some wire clippers, a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver and two wheel ramps to help you elevate your vehicle and you’re ready to go.

  • Locate and Unscrew the Bumper Cover

There are two parts to the front bumper. The first is the painted cover that matches your car’s color scheme. This is sometimes referred to as the bumper, but is actually concealing the real bumper underneath. To replace the bumper you will need to remove this first. Open the car bonnet and remove the screws that hold the cover in place. These can be found above the grill.

  • Unclip the Bumper Cover

It’s now time to unclip the bumper cover from its position. Look underneath the front side of the part and locate the plastic clips that hold it in place. Carefully use the flat head screwdriver to pry these out of position. This should leave a clip exposed. This clip attaches the bumper to the body work, and needs to be cut with your clippers. Finally pull the bumper cover away from the car and place it on a blanket or towel to prevent it from getting scratched or damaged.

  • Bumper Removal

After driving the car up the wheel ramps so that the front of the car is elevated, use a body board to go under the front of the car and find the bolts along the upper edge of the bumper. Use your spanner set to remove the bolts, and use the socket and ratchet set to remove the tensioning rods that sit on either side of the bumper. Make sure you store all the bolts in a safe place for reattachment, and then take the old bumper away from the car.

  • Replace the Bumper

Place the bumper on the frame of the car and thread the bolts through the holes in the part to hold it in place against the frame. Then simply reattach the nuts to the bolts and tighten so the bumper is flush against the bodywork before finally reattaching the tensioning rods. You’re now ready to drive the car down the ramp and get to work on replacing the bumper cover.

  • Reattach the Bumper Cover

Retrieve the bumper cover from its safe storage space. You will need to replace the clips that you destroyed in step 2 with new clips or the bumper cover will flap in the wind. Simply put the cover in place and lock it in position before reattaching all the necessary clips. When this is completed and the part is firmly held against the bumper simply reattach the screws under the grille and your car is good to go.


How much does it cost to install a bumper?

Bumper Installation Service near Iowa City IA: In the worst scenario, because of high damage, a replacement will be made. A replacement of a bumper will cost you around $300 – $700. If sensors, lights, cameras or any other component are damaged, then you can expect an increase in overall cost. Even a low-speed collision of a new car could cost up to $1,000.

If you find yourself in a fender bender and need to have your bumper replaced, you may be wondering about bumper repair costs. Usually, a bumper will cost between $880 and $1,390 to replace, depending on the type of vehicle you own and the amount of labor time the repair takes. Front bumper repair costs tend to be different than rear bumper repair costs. Additionally, different auto manufacturers will charge different amounts for bumper parts.

Why is Bumper Replacement and Bumper Repair Costs So Pricey?

Many folks get caught off-guard when they find out how much bumper repairs cost. This is because bumpers are an integral part of your vehicle for both aesthetic and practical purposes. They are vital components of a vehicle and this is why the price to repair or replace them are so high.

Labor Costs for Bumper installation Costs

Repairing or replacing a bumper isn’t just a simple matter of unscrewing a couple of bolts. Since modern front and end bumpers are integrated parts of the vehicle, auto technicians will need to disconnect and reconnect all of the parts. Some of these parts include:

  • Air Intakes: Although this is not a common occurrence, some cars are made this way and have their cold-air intakes mounted to the front bumper.
  • Airbag Sensors: These parts can sometimes be connected to the bumper. In order to remove the bumper, you will need to remove the airbag sensors first.
  • Lights: A lot of your vehicle’s lights, including the headlights and turn signals, may be wired to the front bumper. They all need to be disconnected before you replace or repair the bumper.
  • Trim: There can be numerous trim parts that are connected to the bumper. To replace or repair the bumper, they will need to be removed.
  • Warning Signals: Car warning sensors such as weather sensors, parking sensors, backup sensors, vehicle lane changing warning sensors, collision warning sensors, as well as car cameras will probably be interconnected to your bumper.

Removing all of these parts one by one will take two hours or more to complete. If the car accident is severe, some of these parts will have to be replaced. These additional charges can quickly add up and significantly increase the costs of the overall replacement or repair process.


What is a Bumper?

A vehicle’s bumper is a protective part of the automobile that is mounted to both the front and rear ends of the car. Typically crafted from aluminum, plastic, rubber, or steel, the bumper acts as a shock absorber during low-speed collisions. It also aids in reducing more significant damages made to your vehicle. While some types of bumpers are made from foam that acts as a kind of cushion, others have energy absorbers or brackets that serve the same purpose.

How do I install my Bumper Guard products?

Please reference our section on Installation Instructions

How long does it take to install the Bumper Guard products?

Installation takes only a few minutes.  Please make sure to follow the installation instructions when applying our bumper guards.

Will the Bumper Guards chip, fade, or discolor?

Since the color of our bumper guards run through the product you will not experience any cracks, chips or fading like you would get from a painted bumper guard.

Can the Bumper Guards be installed on a repainted bumper?

We do not recommend installing bumper guards on a repainted bumper.  Oftentimes when a bumper is repainted at a body shop the quality of the paint job is second rate.  It is possible that the 3M adhesive can damage a repainted bumper if removed improperly.

If I trim or cut the edges of my bumper guard will the color be different on the cut edges?

No, since the color runs through the bumper guard; the color of the actual bumper guard will be the color on the exposed cut edge,

Can you paint the bumper guards to match a color that you do not carry?

You probably could get them professional painted at a bumper shop but we DO NOT recommend it.  The paint will more than likely crack, chip or peel off with time/from the elements/or if damaged.

How do I know what size to order?

If you are unsure what size to order please measure your vehicle’s bumper. The sizes we have available are standard sizes.  We can customize a particular size if you require.  Please contact us with any requests.

I can’t tell what color to order?

Oftentimes we carry many shades of a particular color.  If you are unsure which color to choose, we recommend ordering a color sample.  Color samples are the simplest way to ensure a close color match.  All color samples are shipped USPS and are labeled accordingly.

Is it possible to trim/cut color bumper guards, rear bumper guards, and/or front bumper guards?

Yes, however we recommend purchasing our professional grade clippers.  They work really well in cutting/trimming your bumper guard.  Please note our bumper guard edge comes straight cut.  If you want to trim the ends of your bumper guards on an angle we recommend ordering the clippers.  Also please note that standard scissors/players do not work so well when attempting to cut or trim the guards.


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