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Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Are you looking for the Best Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, we do complete car audio system installations, from the amplifiers to the speakers to the subwoofer to the stereo. Our professionals have the skills to get the job done efficiently.  Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service around Iowa City IA. We serve Iowa City IA and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



We’re Your Professional Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City

Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Whether you commute a long distance to work or are frequently taking road trips to visit friends and family, you likely spend a significant amount of time in your vehicle. Staying entertained while you drive is part of what makes the journey enjoyable, and the best and safest way to stay entertained in the car is with a great car audio system.

When you listen to music during long rides, you want the audio to sound great, and there’s no better way to make sure your music sounds the way it’s supposed to than with a professional installing your preferred car audio setup. At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, we do complete car audio system installations, from the amplifiers to the speakers to the subwoofer to the stereo. Our professionals have the skills to get the job done efficiently.

Car Amplifiers

Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: For achieving sound that’s powerful and loud with minimal distortion, car amplifiers are an important component to help power car speakers. Our team of professional audio experts can help install suitable amplifiers to power your entire system and make it sound great.

Benefits of Installing a Subwoofer and Amp in Your Car

Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: If you spend a lot of time in your car and you like a decent sound system, then one of the best things that you can do to improve your in-car entertainment system is to install a subwoofer and an amp. Today, we are going to explore the three main reasons why this is the case.

If you don’t yet have a car sub and amp package installed, it’s one of the best upgrades that you can make to your car, and you’re missing a trick if you don’t install one.

  1. Better Sound — Louder and Better Quality

As the name implies, an amplifier amplifies the signal between your head unit and your speakers. This enables you to boost the signal to ensure that the speakers receive all of the input needed to create the full gamut of sounds from your audio files.

Without the amp, the sound can appear distorted or can seem to drop in and out. If you’re suffering with these problems, then it’s a sure sign you need to add an amp to your system.

The subwoofer is a specialist speaker that picks up the low frequency sounds in your audio files, so the bass notes. Without it, you don’t hear (and feel) the low rumbles in your tunes. It’s not an essential speaker to have, but if you love the bass (drum and bass fans know what I mean), and then it’s an essential addition to your car.

  1. Better Power to Low Quality Speakers

If you have low quality speakers in your car (and this is likely if you have never changed your speakers because the factory-installed speakers are usually terrible), then they will not be as good as better quality speakers and the signal they receive is likely to be weak.

A weak signal leads to the problems outlined above: distortion and dropping of sounds and frequencies. To boost the quality of even low quality speakers, an amp is essential.

If your speakers are frequently doing weird things, like suddenly blasting out noise and then going quite again, you definitely need to invest in an amp. We would also recommend changing any factory installed speakers just because they’re usually the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality.

  1. When Installing a Subwoofer

Some of you might decide to install a subwoofer without paying any attention to your amplifier needs. This is not a wise thing to do. Whenever you introduce an additional speaker to your car set up, you have to make sure that it can get enough power, and this means installing an amplifier. If you install a subwoofer without also installing an amplifier, it will show in the poor quality of the sound it produces. To install a sub without an amp is just a waste of time and money.

Fortunately, most car audio shops understand this, and this is why they offer customers a car sub and amp package. It is well worth taking advantage of these packages because they can save you money and they often pair two exceptionally compatible units.


Find a multi-channeled amp to increase the adaptability. Many people like to upgrade the devices on their cars. A high channeled amp has the updated ability. The amp with many channels offers the way to updating and added benefits. You can also gain a stereo amp, which integrates many channels inside one. The resulting audio delivery is unimaginably classy.


Using power precisely is of utmost importance in any car. Everyone wants improved range in car audio quality. Most fear the high cost of power usage. The amp helps you utilize power to the most.

There are two types of amps. High-end amps deliver great efficiency. The right fitting of the amp ensures that the audio stays inside the car. Now that means the surrounding cars or people don’t have to listen to your car’s music anymore.

So another question here is how does a top sub change the audio? And do you know about the advantages? Let’s see that here.

Advantages of a Subwoofer

Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: There are special subwoofers, which are invented specifically. These devices will fit into the biggest available brands. And they do not meddle with the signals. The latest devices have a special ability, which is not very common. These subwoofers have the best capacitors available.

The simple technique of the new devices requires no extra signals or wiring works. Some gadgets don’t need to separate the wires connecting the speakers to the amp. It is termed the simple crossover technique. Moreover, you have the option to run high-end crossovers like the M5-HP too.

The action provides the highest transparent audio available.

Some More Added Reasons

  • Bass

The bass effect of audio files is quite important. Only a high-quality subwoofer will deliver the most robust and lengthy bass. The size of the primary speakers is often not a criterion here. The subwoofer greatly influences the sound quality. In connection with bass extension, management and power of the subwoofer can defeat the greatest floor speakers available.

  • Greater Design and Separation

Since they have that design to excel in those areas compared to primary speakers; these speakers need to be the same in greater frequencies too. Best the idea is to fit two subwoofers. Two devices ensure original stereo division right inside the bass. Furthermore, stereo subwoofers might enable the decrease in room interaction issues.

The double discrete availability of bass data gives this quality. Best idea here is to buy another subwoofer later when you can. Don’t spend money at the same time when you can’t. You can relax since you don’t need to buy new speakers or a new primary power amp for it!

You can listen to hard metal, orchestra or any music now. The ability to mix effortlessly into any mega audio system helps you enjoy all the advantages of the subwoofer. Plus there are no cons whatsoever in good brands.

  • Different Audio Files

Buying a resourceful amplifier can help manage the sound effects even if they are of different types of audio. Good products enable the recognition of each instrument used and the singers’ vocal range. The unique ability comes from the fact that an amplifier stops working when it needs to only.

This added management offers you crystal clear sound effects that you so badly want. One more aspect is that the amplifier gets the required horsepower needed to use the speakers.

The best way to upgrade your car’s audio is by just removing older speakers that came with the car. Now add a better amplifier. Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, along with that, a good quality amplifier enables improvement in the working of the speaker. Some good amplifiers have added thick aluminum that helps to absorb unwanted heat.

This action keeps the internal circuit board safe. The result is cool working and easily enhanced management. Some amplifiers also provide built-in speaker capacity indicator, bass enhances, lesser impedance networks, crossovers, and speaker range input.

How do you find the post about car amplifiers? Please share this post using the share button here. Please add your opinions in the comment space below. Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City, hope you can now have an enjoyable car ride. The new amplifier ensures that you are relaxed and entertained.

Why add an Amplifier?

Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Some people think that amplifiers are just for car audio enthusiasts and those with ‘boom’ cars who want the whole world to hear their bass.  In reality, an amplifier is an essential addition for anyone who cares about sound quality.  Adding an amplifier can provide cleaner sound, more power, and better performance, improving the experience of listening to music in your car.

Whether you listen to rap, heavy metal, or classical music, want to rattle your windows or just get concert quality music, your audio system can greatly benefit from an amplifier

Adding an amplifier:

  • Better Sound Quality – Adding an amplifier can improve your sound by being a power source to really drive your speakers without straining them. A factory stereo built in amplifier is no match for the sound quality you can get from a separate aftermarket amplifier.
  • Volume – A loud engine, noisy air conditioning, and traffic are noises your stereo sometimes cannot compete with. An amplifier will help increase the volume so you can hear your music.
  • Power for Speakers and a Subwoofer – An amplifier can provide the correct power for getting optimal performance out of higher quality aftermarket speakers. Subwoofers require much more power than typical speakers and a separate amplifier can be necessary when adding a subwoofer.

Adding an amplifier is not something you’d consider a DIY job – visit the experts at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Iowa City to get advice on which amplifier is best for your needs and your vehicle, and get it installed the right way the first time.


Tips of before Starting The Installation Of The Amplifier


Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA: Before starting the installation, please follow these rules carefully:


  • After reading the whole manual, be sure that you have understood all the instructions before installing the amplifier.
  • Disconnect the battery’s negative wire before starting the installation.
  • To facilitate the assembly, we strongly recommend you unwind all the wires before installing the amplifier.
  • Put aside all the RCA cables, speakers, REM and REMOTE CONTROL (only with FPS 1500, FPS 2300RX and FPS 4160), far from the power cables in order to avoid any interference of the signal.
  • Use quality connectors to ensure a reliable installation and to minimise any losses of signal or power.
  • Think carefully before drilling anything. Be extremely careful not to cut or drill the petrol (fuel) tank, the fuel, brake, hydraulic or vacuum pipes, as well as the electrical wiring.
  • Never route a wire under the vehicle. It is absolutely imperative to install them inside the vehicle for better protection. While routing the wires, verify that they do not impair the driving of the vehicle. Cables obstructing or routing through areas such as the steering wheel, pedals (brake, accelerator and clutch, etc.) may be extremely dangerous.
  • Avoid routing wires above or through sharp rims. Any wire routed through metal must be protected with a grommet. Route the wires well away from mobile parts (seat rails,…) and from sharp or pointed cutting edges. This will avoid catching or damaging the wires.
  • Always protect the battery and electrical circuit from potential damages with the help of fuses. Install a
  • fuse holder and suitable fuses on the 12V positive (+) power cable at less than 40cm from the battery terminal. Ideally, this above mentioned distance should be the shortest as possible


Cost of Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation

Car amplifier And Subwoofer Installation Service near Iowa City IA:  The amplifier is also a major component of a car audio system.

What’s the need for an amplifier?

The amplifier simply increases the power of the signal produced by the unit head. The original signal produced by the unit head is often too weak to cause speakers to generate sound waves.

However, this unit is sometimes installed in the head unit in order to make the system more compact. But to improve your car sound system, I recommend an external amplifier.

Cost of installing a car amplifier

Car amplifiers come at different price tags for different amplifier types.

A good mono amplifier goes for as low as $40 and can be as costly as $200.

However, a multi-channel speaker goes for prices between $80-$400 depending on your preference.

Subwoofer installation

You might have read somewhere that installing subwoofers is a simple job that most people should be able to do. It’s true that everything you need is available on the market.

If you have basic tools, patience, can follow instructions and are confident enough in your skills, chances are good that you can install a subwoofer in your car. Since the cost of these components in the form of kits costs from $30 and up, installing subwoofers yourself will definitely save you money.

How to install subwoofers in a car

This is a generic list of the steps to follow but is typical for most subwoofers.

  • Purchase an amplifier and subwoofer, making sure the RMS and impedance (Ohms) are closely matched or identical.
  • Either purchase a subwoofer wiring kit (from $30 and up), or go to an electronics supply store and buy a 20-foot and 3-foot strand of 8 (or thicker) gauge insulated wire for power, 15-foot of 16 gauge wire for remote, a minimum of 15-foot RCA cables (red and white jacks). Add to that a 50 amp (or higher) in-line fuse and a couple of strands of speaker wire.
  • A pair of 12-inch speakers is ideal along with a subwoofer box that has a hole the same size as the speaker.
  • Without connecting to it just yet, run the 20-foot strand of wire from the battery through an existing hole in the firewall, underneath the carpeting (preferably along the right side of the car) and to your amplifier. Connect and tape the wire to the fuse a couple feet from the battery. Ground the wire to a piece of the car’s metal a couple feet from where the amplifier will be located. This is your main power line.
  • Along the same track under the carpet, run the 15-foot piece of wire and the RCA wiring.
  • Carefully take your stereo out of the dash and connect the RCA cables and splice your remote wire to the blue and white wire (it might be labeled amp) in the back of your stereo.
  • Connect the power, remote and speaker wires to the appropriate connectors on the amplifier.
  • Mount the subwoofer and speakers into the box and into the rear of your vehicle, reinstall the stereo into the dash and connect the power wire to the battery. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


How do I install an amplifier?

Read this article! We cover all of the basics of where to mount and how to wire the amplifier. And we’ll walk you step-by-step through the installation process. We’ll also share a few expert tips and tricks along the way.

How does a car amplifier work?

Car amps use a special type of internal power supply to supply their internal amplifier circuitry with a higher power. These sections then take a conditioned audio signal (provided by a stereo), boost it, and deliver it to the speaker terminals.

All amps have a few basic sections that are critical for driving speakers from only a +12V source. There are also some other sections that are essential and a few that are optional.

Nearly all typical car amplifiers today have the following subsections in their design:

  • A DC-DC (direct current) high-power switching power supply
  • Noise prevention (ground loop) circuitry
  • Speaker crossover circuits
  • Bridging circuitry
  • Speaker-level input stages

How car amps turn on and off?

In order to avoid having the amplifier stay on when you’re not using it, a remote on wire is used. Normally this connects to a dedicated wire on your stereo. Alternatively, it can be connected to an ignition wire that turns off when the accessory position of the ignition switch is turned off.

The remote wire, when at 0V, turns off power to the SMPS chip. This causes it to stop running. The amp then doesn’t draw any power from your battery.

What’s the difference between a woofer and a subwoofer?

These terms have become almost interchangeable, and there is definitely a gray area between the two. The difference can be in the woofer itself, or how the woofer is being used. A raw speaker or driver that we call a subwoofer generally has a limited frequency response range, often not extending above about 400 Hz. A standard woofer can have frequency response easily reaching 2500 Hz or higher. This upper limit is a function of electrical and mechanical characteristics; often the large voice coil inductances on high-excursion subwoofers limit their high-frequency capabilities. It is a matter of compromise in the design of the woofer: trying to achieve good high frequency performance generally will cause poor low frequency and power handling abilities, while producing a powerful subwoofer with ultra-low frequency abilities and high power handling will not be able to play well at higher frequencies. However, if a wider-range woofer is used only below 80 Hz or so it could be called a subwoofer due to how it is being implemented.

What does a subwoofer do?

A subwoofer is used to reproduce the lowest frequencies that other speakers in the system can’t reach at full volume. In the most general application, the subwoofer will work with a pair of smaller speakers to produce the bass that the smaller drivers are not capable of reproducing faithfully. While some media may not contain much low bass information, many types of rock, hip-hop, jazz, classical, or electronica rely heavily on low frequency content. In these cases, using a subwoofer will help fill out the sound and produce a more realistic experience. In home theater systems, there is a specific channel of sound specifically designed for the subwoofer, including most bass effects such as explosions, gunshots, and rumbles. Most home theater processors also contain settings to divert all low frequency content to the subwoofer, which frees the satellite speakers to play much louder and with less distortion.

What is the difference between an active and a passive subwoofer?

A passive subwoofer contains only a woofer in an enclosure with no amplification. An active subwoofer contains an on-board amplifier that will accept a low-level input and usually contains electronic crossovers. A passive subwoofer must be powered by an external amplifier and connected via speaker-level connection. Many times this passive subwoofer contains a built-in passive crossover that sends the bass to the subwoofer driver and passes the higher frequencies to the satellite speakers. This methodology is inherently difficult to implement and will usually result in very poor integration between the woofer and the satellites. Using an active subwoofer system will almost always provide superior results due to the greater control in matching output levels and matching the crossover point between the subwoofer and satellites.

What is a subwoofer plate amplifier and why would I use it?

A subwoofer plate amplifier is a type of amplifier that is usually used in making active powered subwoofers. They are an aluminum plate with inputs, controls, and heat sinks on one side and the amplifier section and other electronics on the other. They’re intended to be mounted into a cabinet with the subwoofer driver, and have features to optimize them for subwoofer duty. By using a plate amplifier in the subwoofer cabinet, the need for an extra external amplifier can be eliminated, which is very useful in home theater situations. Other benefits of using a plate amplifier are the ability to have independent volume control from the other speakers, a built in low-pass crossover, and the ability to adjust the phase of the subwoofer.

Why is adjusting the frequency that comes out of the subwoofer so important?

We want the subwoofer to be a natural extension of our left, right, or center speakers in both volume and frequency. For example, let’s say the subwoofer plays from 150 Hz and down and the main speakers in the system work from 40 Hz and up. Between 40 Hz and 150 Hz, both the main speaker and the active subwoofer are reproducing sound. This will cause these frequencies to stand out as a peak in the response of the system. These overlapping frequencies will create a boom in this region that will detract from the performance of the entire system. Likewise, if the main speakers play from 150 Hz on up and the subwoofer plays only below 50 Hz, there will be a large hole in the response that will reduce the impact and accuracy of the system.


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